Communicating Online with Your Club - Ohio 4-H Club Advisor Resource - 3/20/2020

Tips & Tricks for Meetings When You Can't Meet (in person...) - Ohio 4-H Club Advisor Resource - 3/20/2020

4-H Club Information Survey (to be completed by Organizational club volunteer & returned by January 31st)

Club/Group Activities Form (All clubs/affiliates are to submit by January 31st with addition forms throughout year with added activity dates)

4-H Club/Affiliate Yearly Financial Summary

4-H Club Equipment Inventory Form - If you club has items purchased/valued over $50 a copy of this form should be completed annual or as items are purchased.  Clubs are to provide an up-to-date copy of the form to the 4-H Office

Ohio 4-H Club Constitution (Updated Nov. 2017) - All 4-H clubs must use this constitution.

Ohio 4-H Club By-Laws - Use this example of how to write optional club by-laws in addition to the Ohio 4-H Club Constitution.

4-H Club Chartering Checklist - (Updated Nov. 2017)

Health History Form

Waiver and Permission to Transport Form

Rental of Lorain County Fairgrounds

4-H Book Order Form 2021

4-H Grievance Form

Across County Membership Policy and Request Form  (Updated version 11/1/2018)

2020 Banner Club

Flower Pot Contest Entry Form - Entry deadline April 20th

Quality Assurance Programs for 2020

Ractopamine Fact Sheet

The Winning Plan 

Did you know that we have a wonderful program to ensure that we are providing equitable 4-H programming appropriate for each youth’s abilities? The Winning 4-H Plan was created to ensure we are doing our best to promote and provide inclusion, empathy and confidentiality for all of our youth with diverse special needs.  

If you have a 4-H'er who has a physical, mental or learning disability that require an accommodation, you may complete the Winning 4-H Plan request form.  Completion of these forms will allow all of us to do our best in providing accommodations at club and county-level events and competitions.  The 4-H Educator will follow up with the parents of any youth that have turned in a completed form to discuss accommodations.   

Project Specific Forms

Horse Club Forms - *See Horse Forms and Resources Link

Dog Forms - * See Dog Forms and Resources Link

Shooting Sports Forms - * See Shooting Sports Forms and Resources Link

Cat / Ferret Vaccination Form - Rev. 1/2020

Officer Book Contests 

Club Secretary Book Contest Guidelines Update Nov. 2017

Club Treasurer Book Contest Guidelines Updated Nov. 2017