** Please Note the April 15th enrollment deadline has been extended to May 15, 2020

Link to Ohio 4-H Family Guide (this will assist you in project selection for your enrollment form)

4-H Member Enrollment & Project Specific Forms

 4-H Volunteer Enrollment Forms


** Enrollment Forms:  All members and volunteers registered in 2019 will have a preprinted re-enrollment form.  Please make any changes in contact information directly to these forms.  Put a line through the incorrect information and clearly print the updated information.  Projects taken the previous year are already listed in the re-enrollment form.  If the project will be taken again, please place a check in the box.  If the project will not be taken, please place a single line through the project.  Remember to write in both the project number and the name of the project in all new projects being added for this year.  Please ensure that volunteers and members sign and date the updated forms. 

The Winning Plan 

Did you know that we have a wonderful program to ensure that we are providing equitable 4-H programming appropriate for each youth’s abilities? The Winning 4-H Plan was created to ensure we are doing our best to promote and provide inclusion, empathy and confidentiality for all of our youth with diverse special needs.  

If you have a 4-H'er who has a physical, mental or learning disability that require an accommodation, you may complete the Winning 4-H Plan request form.  Completion of these forms will allow all of us to do our best in providing accommodations at club and county-level events and competitions.  The 4-H Educator will follow up with the parents of any youth that have turned in a completed form to discuss accommodations.