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Clover Communicator Newsletter - July 2020

Lorain County 4-H Update - June 2, 2020

Clover Communicator Newsletter - May 2020

Lorain County 4-H Volunteer Update - April 23, 2020 (Final Volunteer Training Opportunities!)

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2020 Lorain County 4-H Calender - Updated 4/3/2020

Resources for 4-H Volunteers, Parents, and Members

Virtual Meeting Agenda Resource

Virtual Meeting Etiquette Resource

Virtual Meeting Recreation Resource

Virtual Team Building Games Resource

Communicating Online with Your Club - Ohio 4-H Club Advisor Resource - 3/20/2020

Tips & Tricks for Meetings When You Can't Meet (in person...) - Ohio 4-H Club Advisor Resource - 3/20/2020

To view current resources Ohio State 4-H is offering during the C-19 sanctions visit: https://ohio4h.org/families/stay-connected.

4-H Project Books and Perfect Stay-At-Home Projects!

4-H Project Books - Ohio State 4-H is offering online ordering at a discounted price for ALL Ohio residents!  Click here for complete instructions on how to purchase your 4-H project books and discount coupon codes!

#91 Discovering 4-H #359 Your Thoughts Matter
#375 Leadership Road Trip: Where Are you Going? #376 Pantry Panic
#405 The Laundry Project #409 Sew Fun
#442 Family History Treasure Hunt #459 Let's Start Cooking
#462 Yeast Breads on the Rise #485 Racing the Clock to Awesom Meals
#491 It's My Home #493 Science Fun with Kitchen Chemistry
#496 My Favorite Things #540 Not Just Knots
#588 The Writer In You #592 Get Started in Art
#611 Explore the Outdoors

#621 Ohio Birds

#365.32 - My Stay-At-Home Summer Self-Determined Idea Starter  

Virtual Activities & Opportunities

  • To view current resources Ohio State 4-H is offering visit: https://ohio4h.org/families/stay-connected.

  • Virtual 4-H Project Clinics - June Schedule for Dog, Family & Consumer Sciences, Horse and Shooting Sports

  • Activities to Keep Kids Learning at Home

  • Tie Dye using Colorful ChemistrySummer is here! Let’s TIE DYE to make the summer wardrobe more colorful!!  You’re not allowed? Got it.  Dyeing cloth can be very messy.  Click here to learn how to create tie dyed effects on fabric using a chemical reaction!  Chemistry? Chemical reaction? Absolutely!!

  • STEM Activity - Pizza Box Solar Cooker - Had any pizza lately? Save the box! Here’s a fun STEM activity for some sunny day science. When we use the sun’s heat for energy it’s called Solar Power. It’s popular for many reasons, one is because it’s “clean” energy.  Solar power doesn’t produce any air pollutants or carbon dioxide. Depending on the system, it can have a minimal impact on the environment.  Solar cooking is using the heat from the sun to cook our food. Here in Ohio, our warm sun time is brief, but this is a fun sunny day activity. The solar cooker we will make doesn’t get hot enough to cook food, but it can get warm enough to heat food.

  • STEM Activity - Create A Living Roof That Just Keeps on Growing!  Are you looking for something new and different to do?  Sally Hennessy "the STEM lady" has been busy working on putting together FUNtivities that can be done by the whole family!  Check out her first one here.  We will be posting more as she is able to present them!

  • STEM Activity - Motion and Balloon Powered CarsEver heard of Sir Isaac Newton?  He was a scientist in the late1600's.  An apple fell from the tree he was sitting under and hit him... (maybe, anyway, it's a good story.)  He explained, using math and physics, WHY things move the way they do based on 3 "laws" of motion.  LAWS of motion? Not traffic or criminal laws, but a statement of fact.  A rule based on scientifically consistent observation.

  • STEM Activity - Space Lander Challenge - To conquer this challenge, think like a rocket scientist! NASA scientists and engineers imagine designs that will not only launch properly and sustain life for the astronauts, they also deliver them safely home. Fortunately, they’ve been doing this successfully for quite some time now.  From the NASA Science MARS Exploration Program website, I learned that NASA scientists are working to launch a Mars space lander vehicle, called the Perseverance Rover, in late summer 2020.

  • STEM Activity - Just Go Fly A Kite!!!It’s finally SPRING and a great time to get outside and fly a kite!  You don’t have a kite?  No problem!  There are loads of kite patterns, or templates online for you to use as a plan.  OR, you could make up your own after learning more about kites.  Let’s get started, click on the above link "Just Go Fly A Kite"!!!
  • Virtual 4-H Cloverbot Challenge - the Ohio 4-H Cloverbot Challenge is for all Cloverbuds to participate individually instead of as a team/club – no registration required. Individual Cloverbuds can construct their models with LEGO’s or whatever kind of interlocking blocks they have available. Then they can send a picture to us for display in a virtual gallery on the state 4-H website. A certificate will also be emailed to each participant. The deadline is June 13, 2020.

Dog Project Member Opportunities

  • Happy Tails 4-H Club Trick Dog Video Presentation  YouTube Link        Facebook Page Link
  • Obedience and Showmanship Videos  These videos created by Kayla Miller, Fulton County 4-H Educator, detail what is expected in different levels for 4-H Obedience and Showmanship Disciplines.

Obedience: https://youtu.be/Gy6_trEbkOs

Showmanship: https://youtu.be/UwjFUBdAqO8

Tips for Teens Videos!

OSUE Family and Consumer Sciences Educators have created a “how to” video series, Tips for Teens. Each video offers information about life skills from basic car maintenance, doing laundry, cleaning a bathroom, folding a fitted bed sheet to making healthy snacks and shakes. The new weekly series, Tips for Teens, is designed to help teens develop some awareness, knowledge, skills, and aspirations about life readiness.

Tips for Teens is a great way to learn how to do a task, and each video takes less than five minutes. The videos get teens focused on what matters: Gaining confidence!  Check out the following Tips for Teens videos!  Visit https://fcs.osu.edu/news/tips-teens for a complete list of videos series or click on the topics below.

I Want to Work on My 4-H Project Where Do I Start?