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Lorain County 4-H is excited to bring a series of virtual 4-H clinics throughout the month of June! Our exec boards have worked hard
to put together fun learning opportunities to assist you in project work, preparing for July shows and events, and to have fun with 4-H
friends in a virtual setting! All Lorain County 4-H members enrolled in projects under each Council will receive an e-mail invitation
with additional log-in information. If you not in Lorain County and are interested in attending clinics, please e-mail the address below
the council you are interested to receive the zoom login information and password. If you have any questions, please contact Jacki
Baca,, or Julie Mackey,

See below for short description of some of the clinic topics that will be offered!

Lorain County June 4-H Virtual Clinics


Mastering My Plate

MyPlate is an easy guide to creating nutritious, delicious and well-balanced meals!  Join us to learn more about food groups, nutrients found in foods, and what they do in our bodies to keep us healthy!  Learning this information will assist you in completing some of the learning activities in your project books as well as prepare for project interview judging! 

My Plate to My Menu

Meal planning can begin with MyPlate.  Let’s take this a step further and discuss how to use this model to guide us in planning a daily menu.  We will also discuss how to figure cost per serving.  Menu planning and costs are not only an important learning activity in our 4-H Food & Nutrition projects but are also a very important component of your FCS interview judging! 

Sewing Basics

This clinic will focus on sewing machine parts, notions, picking fabrics, reading patterns, and more!  Join us for this interactive game-style clinic to learn more about sewing basics!

Sewing Trouble Shooting

Have you ever started a project, got half way through, and came up against a stumbling block?  You followed the pattern instructions but the hem at the armhole just won’t lay correctly?  Or perhaps you are having a difficult time matching up your notches after cutting out and marking your pattern?  Join us to learn more about trouble-shooting and where to find the answers you are looking for when a problem occurs.      


Small Equine Small Pony Show Classes

This clinic will provide you with an overview of the various classes in which you may participate in Lorain County 4-H SESP shows.  To review more information about the various classes, we will have a fun and interactive jeopardy style game!  Be sure to join us for a fun learning experience!

Equine Safety & Ethics

Helmet Safety, Equine Behavior, Assessing Equine Health, and How to be a Good Sport are the four topics covering in this year’s video based safety and ethics clinic.  This clinic will be offered twice to ensure that ALL interested in participating in 4-H horse shows  in 2020 may do so.  This is a requirement from Ohio 4-H that ALL 4-H horse show participants complete a horse safety & ethics training. 

Saddle Horse Clinic 2

Please stay tuned for more information regarding our second saddle horse virtual clinic!