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Youth Environmental Day Informational Brochure

We are excited to share with you our Youth Environmental Education Series!  A special thank you to all of our supporters and partners who made this educational opportunity possible to educators, youth and our community.  The material is geared towards 7th grade educators and students however, we invite anyone who has an interest in learning about our environment to view the information.  Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing the event that was to take place at French Creek Nature Center for educators and students was transitioned into a series of virtual educational videos and field trips.

Youth Environmental Education Series - All About Water

There are links below to each episode or you may click on this link to be directed to a playlist of the entire series.

This introductory video provides an overview of the Youth Environmental education series, All About Water.  This video series is a collaborative effort to provide middle school students in Lorain County and the surrounding areas practical, research-based knowledge on water, water quality, and ways that students can make a difference in water pollution prevention.  Water is necessary for ALL to live and thrive.

Did you know that Lake Erie is the smallest of the Great Lakes?  Sarah Orlando, with Ohio Sea Grant, provides an overview of the Great Lakes with a focus on Lake Erie. 

Why are there fewer beaches along Lake Erie?  Steve Holland, with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, describes what is causing this and other conditions in Lake Erie.

OSU Stone Lab’s Sue Bixler discusses the Lake Erie food web with a special focus on lake snakes.


All drains and waterways in Lorain County lead to Lake Erie.  Stephanee Moore Koscho, with LoCoYaks, shares more about non-point source pollution and storm drain stenciling.

Humans are often behind the major contributing factors affecting the health of streamside ecosystems.  Aimee Potonic of Lorain County Metro Parks provides a brief introduction to the influences on streamside forest habitats within French Creek Reservation.


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