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Many stores are now offering more ways to shop. A great way to shop for items you need without having to go into a store is with online ordering. Online ordering allows you to choose the exact items you need without having to shop in store. The prices online are the same as in the store at most stores, although some do charge slightly more for online ordering.

Items you need for online grocery shopping:

  • A computer or tablet, or a smart phone with a grocery store app
  • A credit or debit card
  • An email address

Setting Up Your Online Ordering Account:

You will need to create an account with the store you want to shop. This step requires an email address. If you don’t have one but have a computer or smart phone, you can create one with (through Google and it is free). If you have already setup your loyalty card on the store website, then this is the account log in you will use.

You will also need a password. Try to make it one that is easy to remember but not too easy. Making a pass phrase is more secure. For example, the phrase Kroger0nline5hopping is a phrase with two numbers in place of letters (Zero for the “O” in Online and 5 for the “S” in shopping).

Once you have created your account, you can link your loyalty card and add any electronic coupons (look for “e-coupons” or “digital coupons” in upper right corner under your name) you would like to use on your order. You will need your loyalty card to add e-coupons to your account.

Screen grab of ordering menu

  Select Your Store:

You will need to choose the store location from which you would like to order, and you can search by ZIP code. Be sure you are      selecting your preferred location, as there could be two stores within your ZIP code. Online pickup and/or delivery may not be available from all locations.

Some stores are now offering no-contact or limited-contact pickup and delivery options. Check with your preferred retailer for more detail regarding these options and to see whether they are available in your area. In most situations, if you choose a no- or limited-contact pickup or delivery, a store employee will place your order in your trunk (if you chose pick-up) or by your front door (if you chose delivery) so there is no in-person hand-off.

Shipping menu

Start Your Order:

You can now start looking for your items and adding them to your cart. You may want to search items by category (such as Produce or Meat/Seafood) or you may want to just enter an item in the search box. A description of each item is available along with the price. If you are ordering produce it will ask for number of items (such as bananas – 3 bananas or grapes – 1 bunch). In the description it will list if it is individual or bag/bunch). You can add special notes, such as ripe bananas (no green or little green).

Enter your quantity and then click add to cart. Some of the stores will allow you to select your item and then say whether a substitution is allowed or if you would prefer no substitutions. By default, many stores will substitute an item if your selection is unavailable. You can add “no substitutions” in your special instructions at the end of adding items to your cart if you prefer not to have an equivalent item when they are out of items.

A screenshot of Pickup Items list

Submit Order and Schedule Pick Up or Delivery Time Slot:

After you have filled your cart and are ready to check out, go to your cart, add special directions, and click check out.

Select your pick-up date and time slot or delivery date and time slot. Same day usually needs to be ordered earlier in the day, but you can place your order 3 to 7 days ahead of scheduled pick up/delivery.

Add payment method and loyalty rewards:

You will need to pay with a credit or debit card or with your SNAP benefits card, if allowed by the retailer. Before you submit payment, check to see if your loyalty card is attached so you can use your digital coupons. (Note: this is usually done when setting up account.) You will not be able to use paper coupons on online orders at most stores (see table at below).

Order Pick Up:

A close up of a pickup location sign

You will receive an email if your pick-up is behind schedule, so always check your email before you head to the store to pick up your order.

Take you cell phone with you as you will need to call a number on the sign at pick up. There are specific parking spots dedicated to online order pick up. Park in one of these spots and follow the directions on the sign at the parking location.

A store employee will bring your groceries to your car and load them for you. They will then review your order and go over any items that were not available or that were substituted. You may be asked to sign for your order, then you are ready to go.

This service is free at Walmart stores and other stores may offer it free for your first order. Look at the specifics for your store.

Order Delivery:

You will receive an email letting you know if your order is going to be delayed. Check your email for updates regarding your order.

Someone will need to be home during your selected delivery time slot to sign for the order.

The cost for these services ranges from no cost to $4.95 for pick up (not available at all locations) and delivery costs range from $5.95 to $9.95 per order, or Walmart offers unlimited delivery for $12.95 per month (no limit on deliveries).

Grocery Stores

Pickup Available

Pickup Fee

Delivery Available

Delivery Fee

SNAP EBT Accepted for pickup orders

Coupons Accepted





$ 9.95


Digital Only

Giant Eagle




$ 5.95
-$ 9.95 





$ 4.95


$ 9.95


Digital Only





$ 9.95







$ 9.95*



*First 3 orders over $35 are free

Grocery Ordering Online was edited by Franklin County Extension Educator Jenny Lobb